Sustainable Oregon Schools Initiative (SOSI)

The Sustainable Oregon Schools Initiative, SOSI (pronounced “so see”), provides a focal point for social, environmental and economic sustainability efforts within all levels of Oregon’s K-12 school system.

Vision: Schools and communities prepare our children to create and succeed in a sustainable future.

Mission: To facilitate the integration of economically, socially and environmentally sustainable concepts and practices into all educational and operational activities of our K-12 school system.

The mission is accomplished with the following strategies:

  • Engage, educate, inspire and assist the people affiliated with the school system
  • Engage with schools, districts, and organizations that support them
  • Develop, pilot and promote resources, tools and services.

SOSI is managed through the Sustainable Schools Collaborative, a non-profit organization. It is funded with contributions from state agencies, businesses and schools and guided by a steering committee.

The SOSI section of the website covers aspects specific to Oregon. For more information explore the rest of the website, including:

History of SOSI: SOSI followed from a sustainable schools project that was initiated by the Oregon Sustainability Board and convened in 2003 by Secretary of State Bill Bradbury as an Oregon Solutions project. In 2005 responsibility was passed to the Zero Waste Alliance to develop this larger, comprehensive initiative. In 2013 the Zero Waste Alliance's Sustainable Schools Collaborative became independent, with SOSI still providing a large focus.


Sustainable Oregon Schools Initiative