2013 Sustainable Schools Sustainable Solutions Conference

June 24: Pre-Conference Activities

(Vernonia school tour, CREST headquarter and farm tour, networking evening)

June 25, 2013

Trillium Creek Primary School
Winner of 2013 National School Board Association Grand Prize in Architectural Design
1025 SW Rosemont Rd., West Linn, Oregon

3rd annual Conference!

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Christian Long

Christian Long

From Cannon Design's The Third Teacher+, a voice for education change, design thinking and rethinking the future of education.
Presenting: "Scrappy, Persistent, and Adaptable: Re-Framing the Future of Learning"
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Many sessions about practices, models and resources you can use today
Exhibitor tables, Networking opportunities
Presentation of 2013 Sustainable School Awards


Continuing Education Options Offered

  • One college credit course option is available fro PSU with conference attendance, plus assignment or attendance at Monday's pre-conference tours. Sign up at conference with PSU rep.
  • Up to four AIA CES credits are available


Sustainable Oregon Schools Initiative and Confederation of Oregon School Administrators
In collaboration with: AIA Portland - Committee on Architecture for Education and the Environmental Education Association of Oregon

Presentation Files (more will be posted as we receive them):

Acoustics in LEED for Schools - What Does "Green" Sound Like?

Bonds and Local Option Levies - Understanding Your Funding Options

Lauren MacMillan and Ann Sherman

Designing Specialist and Global Classroom Environments for English Language Learners

Environment, Sustainability, STEM and NGSS: Better Together in Real World Contexts

Melissa Dubois

Traci Price


Farm to School and School Gardens in Oregon

Megan Kemple

Michelle Markestyn Ratcliffe

Rick Sherman

Leveraging Energy Efficiency to Improve School Buildings and Strengthen School Budgets

Jon Belmont and Dan Weldon

Future-Ready Educational Planning - Creating the Framework for Sustainabile Learning Environments

Tim Ganey and Amarpreet Sethi

Got Pests? A Practical Session Providing Resources and Know-how to Manage Common School Pests Without Pesticides.

Funding Opportunities for Your Sustainability Education Project; and How to Get Selected

Bruce Rhodes

Lara Christensen

Mike Weddle

Diack Brochure

How to Successfully Plan, Implement and Maintain Schoolyard Greening Projects

Courtney Sullivan



Michelle Mathis

Nancy Bond

Schools and Schoolyards that Empower Agents of Change

Nell Achtmeyer and Karina Ruiz

Systems Thinking Through EE Integration

Your New Building! A User's Manual

Rebecca Stuecker


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